The Real Game Changers in Digital Fitness Trends

Gyms can be intimidating. Going into any new environment to learn a new set of skills can be a very uncomfortable experience for beginners. Most machines don’t have clear instructions and can look like they could be a set of torture devices used to bring Frankenstein to life.

For those who don’t feel at ease in a gym working out in front of other people, obtaining a healthy lifestyle might not seem simple. However, thanks to advancements in digital technology, fitness instruction, and training, is more accessible than ever before.

Smartphone exercise apps made it onto the American College of Sports Medicine’s Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016. Thousands of apps have been developed to meet any fitness needs. Looking for personal training instruction anywhere you go?  Trying to find workouts to follow? Want to learn yoga? Need to keep track of your reps and sets? There are apps for that. It is absolutely incredible.

Map My Run application open on a smartphone showing the running path and the runner’s pace.  Photo Source

There is even an app called Charity Miles where users can help earn money for various charities for every mile they bike, walk, or run.

Apps are completely changing how people incorporate fitness into their everyday lives. Paired with wearable technology, apps can give immediate feedback and track performance.

One of my personal favorite apps to use when I go for runs is Under Armour’s Map My Run. I love receiving periodic audio updates through my headphones on my distance and running speed. The app enables users to save their running routes, share routes with friends, and follow running paths other people nearby have run.

Being able to see the total number of miles you have run since you started an account and take part in challenges with other app users brings a sense of motivation and community-all accessible from a touch of a button.


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