UFC Gym Embraces Web Design Trends

A background video of sweaty, ultra-motivated people working out seems to stretch across almost every gym homepage. As we move into 2017, the Forecast of 2016 Web Design Trends is coming along for the ride. UFC Gym has done a great job of paralleling web layout and design trends. Because of its long scroll and tile-based features, the website transfers very well to mobile view.

The mobile view of the UFC Gym Website.

In a report from comScore, the number of mobile-only Internet users is now greater than the desktop-only users in the United States.  It is CRUCIAL for website layouts to function well for mobile devices.

The UFC Gym website focuses on image. It is nice to have an image and tile-based layout rather than looking at pages swamped with text. Personally, I don’t want to sift through excess information to get the information I need. I hate to admit it, but I definitely find myself judging brands based on the design and content of their website.

A company’s website is a crucial part of the customer experience. If it doesn’t provide the information I’m looking for, isn’t visually appealing, takes forever to load, or doesn’t transfer well to a mobile device, my attitude towards the company changes.

UFC Gym’s class list is displayed in a tile based format.

Not to hate on Planet Fitness, but I cannot stand their website. I’ve never been inside a Planet Fitness, but their website needs some serious adjustments. Unlike the  UFC Gym Website, I do not enjoy using the Planet Fitness layout. In fact just taking screenshots of their website irked me. I do not find the congested tiles of information to be in any way user-friendly. The location of newsroom section is a bit disruptive. Navigation isn’t as effortless as it could be. The mobile version definitely looks a bit outdated. If I was looking to invest in a gym membership and was solely basing my decision on the website’s layout and design, Planet Fitness would not make the cut.

Web sites are a complete representation of a company. Just as employees are expected to treat customers a certain way, the website should also provide customers a positive experience.


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