Buying Healthy Food Just Got Much Easier

Nowadays you can buy almost anything online.  Many companies are working towards making online shopping for food more accessible. Especially when it comes to healthy eating, it can be so hard to find products to meet your dietary needs at a good price. As someone with many food allergies and stomach problems, my diet is entirely organic and gluten free. Not going to lie, as a working college student, all of my money goes to food and rent. I can’t help but notice how the person in front of me with double the amount of food paying the same price as me.

Here are three ways get access to organic food online:

  1. Thrive Market

By eliminating the “middle man” Thrive Market sells over four thousand non-perishable products at prices 25 to 50 percent lower than most retail stores. Thrive Market does, however, require a yearly membership fee.

        2. Amazon Fresh


There always is the option to buy non-perishable items off of Amazon.  However, Amazon Fresh is a new way of ordering all of your groceries online and have them delivered to your home the next morning. This new edition to Amazon offers almost everything most grocery stores have.While it is relatively new, the service is only available in certain areas. Amazon Fresh requires an Amazon Prime membership as well as an additional fee for using the service.

3. Local Harvest CSA Search


Local Harvest provides a search list for CSAs or Community Supported Agriculture. It is sort of like “subscribing” or becoming a member of a local farm. A farmer offers a certain amount of shares of the harvest to the public and members purchase a share and receive seasonal produce every week throughout the farming season. Each CSA is different. Some farmers make standard boxes for all members, others use a mix and match style where members load their own boxes.  The upfront cost pays for the entire season and varies.

As the Internet provides companies new ways to expand, it will be interesting to see if online grocery shopping grows in popularity. As we gain the ability to do all of our grocery shopping from smartphones and computers, will grocery stores begin to go out of business? I can just picture myself telling my grandchildren about the olden days when I had to go to the grocery store to buy food.


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