Website Proves Your Health Symptoms May Be Cancer

WebMD, an online health information website many people use to diagnose themselves, is the 2016 People’s Voice Winner in the health category for The Webby Awards. Honestly, I could not agree more. Every aspect of this website is effective. I have convinced myself that my health symptoms indicated some sort of disease, cancer, or impending death,…

Pandora Ads: Interrupting Workouts Around the World

There you are listening to your favorite playlist of music, getting really motivated, and focusing on your workout…and Pandora begins playing advertisements. This is probably one of the most annoying workout interruptions. Of course, there is always the option to pay every month to have ad-free listening. But I’m stubborn and cheap, so I refuse….

Fitness Inspiration: Social Media Queens

We all have heard those stories about people becoming well known off of Youtube channels. In the fitness world, Instagram is changing everything. Everyday people with passions for fitness can brand themselves and gain a huge following. Take Joanna Rohlf for instance. She has 18.9K followers on Instagram and is building her name on Youtube….

Slightly Obsessed: Whole Foods’ Content Marketing

Besides the fact that I am kind of in love with Whole Foods in general, their content marketing is AMAZING. I mean, LOOK AT THEIR WEBSITE:     Whole Foods goes above and beyond to provide website visitors an experience.  Instead of just showing a list of products and sales going on, Whole Foods provides interactive…