Fitness Inspiration: Social Media Queens

We all have heard those stories about people becoming well known off of Youtube channels. In the fitness world, Instagram is changing everything. Everyday people with passions for fitness can brand themselves and gain a huge following. Take Joanna Rohlf for instance. She has 18.9K followers on Instagram and is building her name on Youtube.


As she reaches her fitness goals, Joanna encourages others to do the same. Posting words of encouragement in her captions, she emphasizes self-love and acceptance.

Jennifer Tavernier, a Team Ninja Warrior Champion, has also branded herself through social media. She currently has 148K followers.Some of her videos on Instagram have over 600,000 views.

Both of these women can reach a much farther audience because of social media.

In Simply Measured, Ten Fitness Brands Winning Social Media Right Now, Crossfit is gaining massive audience engagement by building community through motivating, and inspiring content. By reinforcing their theme of self-improvement and perseverance Crossfit can continuously attract more engagement. In the same way, individuals like Jennifer Tavernier and Joanna Rohlf are branding themselves.

Both of these women inspire me. It is incredible to see women living their passions and encouraging others to do the same. Especially when it comes to fitness and working out, areas typically dominated by men, Jennifer and Joanna serve as role models for women everywhere.





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