Pandora Ads: Interrupting Workouts Around the World

There you are listening to your favorite playlist of music, getting really motivated, and focusing on your workout…and Pandora begins playing advertisements. This is probably one of the most annoying workout interruptions. Of course, there is always the option to pay every month to have ad-free listening. But I’m stubborn and cheap, so I refuse. Instead, I’ve found ways to get past the ads by closing and reopening the app, or quickly clicking through different stations until the original station is back to playing music.

Are these advertisement actually effective?  The only time I ever clicked on one purposefully was to get a presale code for concert tickets.

Digital advertising on Pandora is often overlooked. According to Pandora’s blog, Pandora For Brands, there are over 78 million active people persistently logged-in on a monthly basis. The company uses its access to registered users and uses one billion daily data points that help target your desired audience.

This market is massive and most people probably don’t do what I do to skip the ads. What an incredible way to get brand awareness that brings you closer to preventing your target audience from tuning you out. Of course, not all people are going to truly pay attention to the ads.  It is, however, especially useful for artists targeting people listening to their Pandora radio station.Advertising can be sort of annoying for Pandora users, but it is completely genius.

The following video shows a company’s success story while advertising on the Pandora app: 


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