Work Out Your Mobile Marketing Muscle

Phones are taking over. The fact that 40% of Internet time is now on mobile devices and isn’t exactly a new concept. Wearable technology, however, is the major game changer.  Wearables completely alter the way consumers interact with technology and help connect marketers with their consumers and collect data.

Wearable technology allows for new ways to interact with consumers like content popping up when a consumer is in a certain location. Fitness applications like Misfit Minute for smartwatches personalize workouts and are a great tool for those who want to get a quick workout in a busy schedule.


Even though I do not own a smartwatch seeing this fitness application definitely makes them more appealing.

Especially when it comes to fitness and health, there are more data collecting opportunities with wearable technology. Companies like Degree have taken advantage of wearable technology to measure the dancers’ movements from So You Think You Can Dance. 



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