Email Marketing: Making Your Business ‘Thrive’

So you want your business to thrive? Well, that’s great so does everyone else. In the 5 seconds it takes me to scroll through and delete emails, I don’t find myself actually opening many. Like most people, I want to clear out meaningless emails taking up space.

Thrive Market, a website selling “organic foods for less” does a pretty great job at email marketing. Besides updating customers on offers and deals, Thrive Market uses content to build relationships with customers by including recipe, and informational videos.

Things they do right:

  1. They keep their subject lines short and to the point. If an email doesn’t have an interesting subject line, it will end up in the trash folder. The subject line needs to be attention grabbing.
  2. Single Column templates are crucial for mobile view. Thrive emails can be easily read on any device.
  3. Thrive includes a lot of white space making the email look uncluttered.
  4. GREAT visual content. If your email has fuzzy, poor quality photos, or are not visually interesting, consumers will lose interest.

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