Driving Bubble Cars and the Future of Digital Marketing

When I was little I had a theory that in the future we wouldn’t drive cars anymore, but instead, we would fly around in clear bubble cars. I’m not sure where I got the idea from.  Imagining future technological advances used to seem like a silly game, but how much of it will actually become a reality?  Especially when it comes to the future of digital marketing, who really knows?

Technology is constantly changing. The Internet and social media have caused companies to completely alter how they interact with consumers. It has been predicted that 75 billion devices will be connected to The Internet of Things, (the digital world we now live in) by 2020. This includes wearable technology. 75 billion in the next three years. But what about the next 20 years?

I’ve had professors tell my classes that everything we are currently learning probably won’t be relevant in a few years, which many students don’t find exactly comforting. To survive in digital we have to keep up, be flexible, and be willing to completely change our entire method of marketing at the drop of a hat.



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